Winter Engagement Photos in Indianapolis

Winter Wonderland:

Shooting Winter Engagement Photos | Indianapolis, IN

Abbi & Ryan | 02.01.2015 | Fort Harrison State Park

Ah, winter.  The bane of existence for us photographers.  Indiana winter engagement photos can be tricky to execute.  Between the cold days, unpredictable weather and this winter's lack of snow, it can be a challenge just to get out the door and shoot.

All that changed however on one lucky day in early February at Fort Harrison State Park.  We had scheduled an engagement session with a new couple of ours here in Indianapolis all the while hoping for winter arrive.  Our day to shoot finally arrives and boy, did they get some incredible results.

The trick when shooting photography portraits outside in the snow is really 3 things.  1, staying warm and dry.  Heavy, wet snow photographs beautifully, but your subjects will get wet quickly (especially ladies' hair that took a very long time to get ready. 2, focus. In the snow, your camera has a very hard time focusing clearly on your subjects when streaks of snow constantly interfere in your viewfinder.  Lock in One Shot focus mode to keep your camera trained on your subjects. 3, time.  As in shutter time.  "Dragging" the shutter anything longer than 1/500sec on shutter speed will cause your flakes to streak, keep in the 1/2000+ range to capture perfectly floating flakes.

This engagement photo session challenged me on many levels, but in the end, I am very happy with the results! Enjoy!

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