Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Goes "Home" | Alissa & Okie Wedding

Destination Wedding Photography | 2015

Prior to moving to Indianapolis, IN in April of 2013, we were located in Page, AZ, a small town of roughly 7,000 people.  This is where the humble beginnings of this idea to become a wedding photographer began.  We cut our teeth shooting landscapes, friends and family and worked our way to start shooting destination weddings.  All along the way, the support of our friends and family was there with us, we'll never forget that.

That's what made this weekend last year so special for us.  We received a call in October of 2013 from Alissa & Paul "Okie" to shoot their wedding.  I had known them for all 7 1/2 years I lived in Arizona, they helped me get on my feet and were the first friends I made there.  So of course it was a resounding YES! to come and shoot for them.

Their wedding was probably the windiest I've ever had to deal with, but just around sunset after the ceremony, we were able to shoot some of my most favorite wedding portrait shots we've ever shot.  There was just enough breeze to provide some movement for the photos and the sunset was absolutely stunning across the Western landscape.  I'll probably never have the chance to duplicate these types of shots again, but that's the beauty pf what we do as a wedding photographer, we capture a moment in time that will never happen again... Enjoy!