Indianapolis Engagement Photography | Heather & Joe

When life hands you a blizzard, you make amazing images... and say thank you.

Heather & Joe | March 1st, 2015

You put sessions on the calendar, you pray for good weather, then Indiana winter rears its head and you end up shooting in a blizzard dropping 7"+ of snow.  Now, most of the time, in not ideal shooting conditions, you shoot what you can and get the heck out of dodge.  Well, for Heather & Joe, the snow was falling perfectly and it was a great day to be outside, so we kept at it, and man, am I glad we did!

The hardest part about shooting through a blizzard is getting your camera to keep focus, so I like to have me clients stay still as much as possible to help lock in tack sharp focus while letting the snowflakes flutter by.  When you get the thick chunky flakes to land in her hair, it just sets off the image that much more!

Shooting in the winter for engagement sessions really gives our clients a unique and a "once in a lifetime look".  We pride ourselves on choosing locations that match our couple's style, personalities and vision.  This latest Indianapolis engagement photography session is one of our new favorites and we along with Heather and Joe will eagerly await warmer weather on August 1st 2015 for their big day!

Enjoy a quick preview below!