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The wedding of Melanie & Brad

Right, let's get this out of the way right now.  You will plan, and plan and plan your wedding day, and the Universe will laugh at you on your wedding day.  Something will go wrong, it always does.  BUT, an amazing team, a positive attitude and a supportive cast can overcome even the most challenging of days... 10.29.17.

Indiana decided to skip fall and go right to winter apparently, and caught in the crossfire was Melanie & Brad's quaint outdoor ceremony at the amazing Story Inn Bed & Breakfast.  It was cold, like 39 and some snow flurries while setting up cold. But , hand warmers, blankets, propane heaters got us through. 

Regardless of what your day brings,  keep a positive attitude, trust your vendors and remember, the only thing that matters is you get to marry your best friend today.  Everything else, is just details to navigate!