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Kaylee & Jake - 4.29.17 | The Barn at Kennedy Farm

What can we say that these images can't say themselves?  Well, we can start with the back story on their day.  In short, it POURED rain for 24 hours clear up to 1pm on wedding day.  Then, we caught a break and we were lucky enough to be kept dry until rain returned around 930 which was PERFECT for evening rain shots.  The moral of this day for us with this couple is simple, just go with it.  You can't control the weather, all you can do is be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Being prepared is what sets Rogue Images Photography apart from other photographers.  Not only were we prepared for the day, we had a plan and WANTED it to rain at some point to get these AMAZING images for this couple.  We're not supposed to have favorites when it comes to venues and couples, and this one will be hard to beat for awhile I'm sure.

Jacob, and his family have a musical background.  Many of them sang during the ceremony and Jacob sang a song to Kaylee just before their first dance.  He followed that up by singing (and playing guitar) for Kaylee and her dad, Greg's first dance.

Overall, an incredible day with amazing people.  Thank you to everyone involved and who helped make this day happen for them!

Congratulations Kaylee & Jake!

Thank you for letting us tell your story for you!