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Lindsey & Matt | 8.25.17 | Second Presbyterian Church & River Glen Country Club

I broke a rule.  I have a rule, no weddings shot without shooting an engagement session first. This allows us to get to know each other and get a sense of what our clients are looking for on wedding day.  With Lindsey & Matt, I broke this rule...

...and in a way, I'm kind of glad we did. Sometimes surprises are the best. 

Because look at this day.  A complete and total surprise for us and what a day it was!  Lindsey & Matt found us by searching online, and after a few emails and a phone call or two, we were booked to tell their story.

We planned the day out to the last minute, (although someone was an hour late, ahem, Lindsey - but you know, timezones... :) ) got a shot list from them and started our day, and then we walked into THAT CHURCH. Um, more in this place please! (and the golf course wasn't bad either).

Thank you, Lindsey & Matt, for an amazing day!  Your kind words of "best wedding photos ever" and "best decision we made" just made our day (and MAYBE our year...). Laughing and having fun with you was the absolute best part of our day.

Here's to you both! Enjoy.