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Lauren & Kyle | 8.26.17

Not all "wedding" days have a "wedding" included in them for us.  Lauren & Kyle got the itch last summer and had a ceremony in Florida...BUT...The caterer, photographer, dress and countless other things were already paid for, and so, here we are, at the personal property, where Lauren runs her Salon, Salon 24, where Kyle "plays" with his backhoe.  Where we did bridal portraits and the first look inside of their home under construction, where we walked across the street to an orchard for some 1 on 1 photos, and where we had 2 hours of time to take photos of just Lauren, because someone (ahem, Kyle) was told he could be 2 hours late.

We often speak of "becoming friends" with our clients, as opposed to just being a vendor.  Lauren & Kyle are a perfect example of this.  Lauren did all the hair for our wedding in July, she cuts my hair every 2 weeks and we've seen each other's businesses grow and flourish.

This is why we do what we do.  For amazing people like them!