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lindsay & matt

Ladies, get you a guy that looks at you the way that Matt looks and Lindsay.  And guys, get you a girl that loves you as much as Lindsay loves Matt.  Just look at these two with their unique and fun candid photos.  Be these two. On wedding day, on everyday. Couple goals.

Alright, so about their day. It was like 90 degrees if I recall correctly, probably warmer, and that was in late September.  Lindsay and Matt at first didn't want to do a first look, but seeing many of our blogs and photos from other's day made them change their mind.  These two were absolutely adorable before they saw each other.  Both so nervous, you could see it on their faces.  (Lindsay may have even needed our shoulder to cry on once or twice before asking for her sister). Wedding days are emotional, they just are.  They are a roller coaster of emotion, unbelievable highs of laughter and fun and moments of complete sobbing, sometimes for no apparent reason.  In the end, they all add up, all of these little, tiny moments that make YOUR day YOURS.

Never, ever forget that.  Your day will come together in a million different ways that you never saw coming, you'll be surprised at what made you laugh or made you cry, but at the end of the day, you and your forever person will have the best day ever...

...and we LOVE being there to tell your story for you!