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5.28.18 | Jamie & Adam

10 years in the making.

Jamie & Adam proved that sometimes, even the fastest car won't get you to the finish line first. But that's not the point, it's about crossing it when it's your time...

These two proved what wedding days should be (and look like).  Just look at their reactions to seeing each other down the aisle.  You wedding is YOUR day.  It's your opportunity to express yourselves as you see fit, and if you happen to own your own restaurant (that apparently charges 33 cents for Ranch - Adam, we really need to talk about your sharing skills) and have a property like these two have, you just invite them all over and go crazy...

...then Indiana laughs and gives you the hottest May day in 106 years.  So yeah, hooray for outdoor weddings! (but at least it never rained!)

This will go down as one of our most memorable weddings ever for a few reasons. Adam & Jamie's love for each other and their families is clearly evident and their adventures are just beginning.

Congratulations you two...

...all you need is love. (and a fast car)

Thanks for letting us tell your story for you!