Indianapolis Boudoir Photographer | Intimate Photography Celebrating YOU | Callie's Session

Indianapolis Boudoir Photographer | Intimate Photography Celebrating YOU | Callie's Session

Rogue Images Photography from the very start has always been a company about telling stories.  Families, couples, seniors and now, we are launching a new line, Rogue: Blush.  A line of photography celebrating you for exactly who you are.  These sessions are designed to empower you to feel your best in an intimate setting. 

While the style is technically "boudoir" this is not (always) a half naked photo shoot. We are wanting to highlight your beauty and leave your audience blushing and hoping for more.  

We invite you to come to your session looking for an unforgettable experience by being greeted with champagne followed by an hour and a half of pampering; getting your hair and makeup done by our amazing artists: Nikki Brown with Nikki Brown Makeup and Lauren Foley with Salon 24, LLC. Both ladies listen to your vision for your shoot and leave you looking and feeling AMAZING.

This past month, we had Callie in for a model session and asked her a little more about her session and if she’d share with us!

Q: What made you want to do this Blush session with us?

A: I had gotten photos taken before but I hated them. I never used them and it left an awful image in my mind of what my body image was. I wanted the opportunity to take new ones and truly feel good about myself.

Q: How did you hear about us what did you like about our work that made you want to reach out to us?

A: A friend of mine had gotten her wedding pictures done with you and they were absolutely stunning!! I love the look of your images and I see myself using you for all my photo needs in the future!

Q: How was your experience overall?

A: It was amazing!!! I never felt more beautiful than I did on that day. From getting my hair and makeup done, to having all my outfits laid out for me and the Blush team telling me how great they were turning out— it was an incredible experience!!

Q: What was your favorite pose/image from your session and why?

A: I did an imagine where I was laying on my car with a leather bodysuit on and i absolutely love it!! I feel hot and kinda like a badass in it.

Q: Were your photographers helpful in getting you into poses?

A: Yes!! I told them to tell me if I was looking odd in any photos because I wanted to make sure my photos would turn out good and they always made sure to adjust my arm, head, posture, etc. as needed.

Q: Would you recommend Rogue: Blush to other clients? If so, why should they do it? Do you have anything to say to anyone debating if they should do a session?

A: Yes, I would recommend them to everyone! They are so sweet and took so much time with me to make sure I got such quality imagines! They worked so hard and all of their images look amazing!! I honestly wish I could have bought all of them they were THAT good! DO IT!!! You won’t regret! They will make you look and feel like a supermodel!