Indianapolis Boudoir Photography | Blush Session Blog - August 2019

Rogue Images Photography from the very start has always been a company about telling stories.  Families, couples, seniors and now, we are launching a new line, Rogue: Blush.  A line of photography celebrating you for exactly who you are.  These sessions are designed to empower you to feel your best in an intimate setting. 

While the style is technically "boudoir" this is not (always) a half naked photo shoot. We are wanting to highlight your beauty and leave your audience blushing and hoping for more.  

We invite you to come to your session looking for an unforgettable experience by being greeted with champagne followed by an hour and a half of pampering; getting your hair and makeup done by our amazing artists: Nikki Brown with Nikki Brown Makeup and Lauren Foley with Salon 24, LLC. Both ladies listen to your vision for your shoot and leave you looking and feeling AMAZING.

This past month, we had Megan in for a model session and asked her a little more about her session and if she’d share with us!

Q: How did you hear about Blush and what did you like about our work?

A: I heard about the Blush sessions on Facebook. The work you guys do is just amazing. I knew boudoir was a “sexy” shoot but you make it look so elegant and classy.



Q: What made you want to do a Blush session?

A: I wanted to do a blush session because I have had some self esteem issues due to weight gain from health issues. I wanted a day where I could feel beautiful in my own skin.



Q: Were you nervous going into it? What made you feel less so?

A: I was a little nervous going into the session, but after the first couple poses, I felt more comfortable. The professionalism made me less nervous. They are really there to capture your beauty. I loved hearing “such a pretty shot.”



Q: How was your experience with the Blush team?

A: The blush team was AMAZING! My hair by Lauren Foley and makeup by Nikki Brown was perfect. The photography team made me feel like a model even though I have never modeled before. They made me feel comfortable and were a lot of fun to work with!



Q: What would you say to those people on the fence trying to decide if they want to do one?

A: To the people on the fence, I would say “DO IT!” You will not regret it! Whether you need a self esteem boost or want to give your spouse something special, just do it! Not comfortable wearing lingerie? They will make a T-shirt and panties look better than you ever thought possible.