Indianapolis boudoir photography: rOGUE BLUSH

Rogue Images Photography from the very start has always been a company about telling stories.  Families, couples, seniors and now, we are launching a new line, Rogue: Blush.  A line of photography celebrating you for exactly who you are.  These sessions are designed to empower you to feel your best in an intimate setting. 

While the style is technically "boudoir" this is not a half naked photo shoot. We are wanting to highlight your beauty and leave your audience blushing and hoping for more.  

We invite you to come to your session looking for an unforgettable experience. By being greeted with champagne followed by an hour an a half of pampering getting your hair and makeup done by our amazing artist. Articles to bring is one to two lingerie items then some fun article to play with. These should include a chunky sweater, his favorite t-shirt super hero t-shirt, a dress shirt, or a jersey from his favorite team. And don't forget the assessors! Bring your favorite heels, pearls, and some hosiery.

  • Professional hair and makeup, changing rooms, champagne and a support team will be provided for you.
  • Each shooting session is 90 minutes and will include shots by 3 different photographers, Cody, Cory and Kendra. There will always be two staff members in the room at all time to create the perfect pose and angle. 
  • Please plan on around 3 hours total time to get hair and makeup and your session completed.
  • We encourage you to bring 3 to 5 "outfits" to choose from.  We may only get to 2 or 3, but having more choices is always a plus.  Don't think that everything needs to be "sexy".  Shot right, a sweater or his favorite low cut t-shirt etc does very well and with the images we are trying to create for you, sometimes, more is more.  It's all about your comfortably in front of a camera!
  • Your session will include 40 fully edited digital images and a "little black book" photo album for you to give as a gift.

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