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Rogue Images Photography from the very start has always been a company about telling stories.  Families, couples, seniors and now, we are launching a new line, Rogue: Blush.  A line of photography celebrating you for exactly who you are.  These sessions are designed to empower you to feel your best in an intimate setting. 

While the style is technically "boudoir" this is not a half naked photo shoot. We are wanting to highlight your beauty and leave your audience blushing and hoping for more.  

We invite you to come to your session looking for an unforgettable experience. By being greeted with champagne followed by an hour an a half of pampering getting your hair and makeup done by our amazing artist. Articles to bring is one to two lingerie items then some fun article to play with. These should include a chunky sweater, his favorite t-shirt super hero t-shirt, a dress shirt, or a jersey from his favorite team. And don't forget the assessors! Bring your favorite heels, pearls, and some hosiery.

  • Professional hair and makeup, changing rooms, champagne and a support team will be provided for you.

  • Each shooting session is 90 minutes and will include shots by 2 different photographers with the husband and wife team of Cory & Cody. There will always be two staff members in the room at all time to create the perfect pose and angle.

  • Please plan on around 3 hours total time to get hair and makeup and your session completed.

  • We encourage you to bring 3 to 5 "outfits" to choose from. We may only get to 2 or 3, but having more choices is always a plus. Don't think that everything needs to be "sexy". Shot right, a sweater or his favorite low cut t-shirt etc does very well and with the images we are trying to create for you, sometimes, more is more. It's all about your comfortably in front of a camera!

  • Your session will include 40 fully edited digital images and a "little black book" photo album for you to give as a gift.

  • Our blush packages run $699. 50% is due to hold your spot and 50% is due at the time of your session.

2019 Rogue: Blush Session Dates:

1.13.19 - 2 SPOTS LEFT

2.24.19 - JUST 1 SPOT LEFT

3.24.19 - 2 SPOTS LEFT

4.14.19 - 2 SPOTS LEFT

5.19.19 - 3 Spots Available

6.16.19 - 3 Spots Available

7.21.19 - 2 SPOTS LEFT

8.11.19 - 3 Spots Available

9.15.19 - JUST 1 SPOT LEFT

10.20.19 - 2 SPOTS LEFT

11.10.19 - 3 Spots Available

12.8.19 - 3 Spots Available

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Rogue Images Photography was great to work with in their Blush session. I was very nervous at first about the whole thing, but signed up anyways. I really appreciate that Rogue Images Photography would keep my photos private and listed my requests contractually. Hair, make-up, and mimosas were very fun to start! I didn’t exactly know what to bring, so I brought a ton of clothes and they had someone lay out outfits based on what I brought while I had my hair and make-up done, which I loved. When it was time to take photos, they made me feel very comfortable and gave instructions on how to pose. I’m definitely an awkward person, and I can’t believe how great the pictures turned out. I’m really glad how easy and fun they made everything. I definitely recommend doing the blush session, you will not regret it.

- Amy


I have worked with Rogue on a few occasions - engagement, wedding, family photos. When they introduced Blush, I knew I would eventually do a shoot. All I can say is I'm Obsessed!! From the mimosas, hair and make-up to help with my outfits and the photographers, I felt like a queen. Having done a boudior shoot before and knowing both Cody and Cory, not ounce of me felt uncomfortable. I'm not surprised at all at how much I'm in love with my pictures. Rogue does such an amazing job. I'll forever continue to work with them on every level. This was quite a fun way to celebrate me turning 30!

- Megan


All I can say is WOW! Having previously worked with Cody for my engagement photos, I knew my Rogue Blush experience would be nothing short of amazing. This experience was definitely a little out of comfort zone, but I am SO glad I did it. It was so nice to be greeted with mimosas and pampered by the Rogue Blush team. Lauren and Nikki did a wonderful job with my hair and makeup, giving me a little extra confidence to calm my nerves. Cody and Cory made the experience so comfortable, always giving me direction on what looked best. I left feeling so beautiful and so much more confident in myself. I could not be happier with the way my photos turned out and I am so excited to give my fiance his little black book on our wedding day!

- Megan


I truly could not have had a better experience with my Blush session! From the minute I walked in the door, Cody and the entire Rogue Blush team made me feel at ease and any nerves I had disappeared. The hairstylist and make-up artist were both phenomenal, and the Rogue Blush team did a great job helping me choose pieces and create outfits that I felt sexy in! During the session, Cody and Cory gave me tons of direction and helped me find poses that highlighted the parts of me that I love. I left feeling confident in myself and so happy that I had gone outside my comfort zone! I was blown away when I got my pictures back. The Rogue Blush team absolutely nailed the looks I was going for! I think these pictures have helped me see myself the way my husband sees me. I can't wait to see his reaction when I give him the little black book!

- Kate


I had an amazing experience with the Rogue Images team while doing a Rogue: blush shoot. I was so nervous to book because I'm incredibly shy when it comes to being out of my comfort zone, but from the moment I arrived Cody, Cory, and the rest of the team made me feel welcomed from the start. The hair and makeup team were both professional and personable. I was obsessed with how my overall looked turned out. I've had literally no experience in front of a camera but with the guidance and patience of Cody and Cory, I looked like I knew what I was doing. I originally did this as a wedding gift for my fiancé, but I also gained a great deal of confidence after seeing the finished product. I highly recommend working with the Rogue team! This really was the complete package from start to finish.

- Emily


There is not enough words to describe how in love I am with my boudoir photoshoot. The whole Rogue blush team is absolutely a dream to work with. This photoshoot made me feel sexy and beautiful, on top of capturing my personality perfectly. I felt confident and very comfortable during the whole shoot. The makeup/hair team are amazing as well. I am glad I have found a photography team to capture every moment in my life. Look no further, they’re worth every penny! 

- Barby


“I did the Blush shoot as the “paper” anniversary gift for my husband and now I wish every year was a paper gift year! The Rogue Images Team really nailed it with the name of this line and it’s tag line. My husband will undoubtedly blush and I felt sexier than ever seeing these pictures of me. I had no idea I could feel that confident. From the fun and relaxed atmosphere to the beauty team to the expertise and guidance from Cody and his photographers... it was an amazing morning and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!“

- Alyson

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