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Emily & Corey

To say that the weather in Indiana this "spring" has been bi-polar would be an understatement. We've had 60 degree days, we had 3 inches of snow on the ground this very morning (which is all now gone) and we've had some sunny, but chilly days.  When Indiana throws you lemons on your engagement shoot date (rescheduled for the 3rd time due to weather!) you just roll with it...

...and maybe add in some bubbly for good measure.

Emily & Corey will be getting married this NYE and we can't be happier for them.  Friends of at least 3 other clients of ours, they patiently waited their turn to get in front of our lens, and man was it worth it!

Congratulations and Cheers Emily & Corey! Here's to warmer shoots and a happy NYE!

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Taylor & Ken | The Barn at Kennedy Farm

Right, so ever have one of those days that just comes together perfectly? Perfect couple, for the perfect venue, on a perfect day?  Well, let me tell you, it's an amazing feeling going through the day with all of our couples knowing you're getting great shots, then to see them after they choose them and almost shot for shot, their favorites are your favorites.  Yeah, this was a good day...

... as are all of our days.  But this one was a little extra special.  When you get to be at quite possibly your favorite venue (and 2nd home in 2017 with TEN weddings there) we had the blessing and the challenge of coming up with unique looks and shots for our couples.  The sunset and evening shots are some of my favorite of all time, then there are the bridal room shots, Ken reading his letter from Taylor and on and on.

This day ruled.  Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting us tell your story for you!

Enjoy your (slightly larger than average) sneak peek!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Canal 337 Wedding - The Wedding of McKinzee & Cody

Indianapolis Fall Wedding in Downtown Indianapolis

Well, we're back at it here in 2018!  After a hiatus from blog posts from lat November until today, we'll be back posting much more regularly, fall is just CRAZY for us and then we had the push to getting folks all of their photos ready for Christmas, time with our families and more, but don't worry, we're back on the regular now!

First up is a wedding from mid-October, McKinzee & Cody at the amazing Canal 337. I remember eating here when it was a restaurant, but it is amazing as a wedding venue as well.  Nestled at the north end of the Canal walk, it's a perfect location for those looking to be downtown, but not stuck in a hotel or skyscraper!

McKinzee & Cody's day was nothing short of perfect, from the weather, to it just being the 2 of them and no bridal party, they had so much fun together and you could tell that they truly loved being there with and for each other on the BEST day of their lives!

Thanks for letting us tell your story for you guys!

Indianapolis Engagement Photography | Indiana Wedding Photographer | Fall Engagement Sessions

Our new lead photographer Kendra has some awesome work to show off!

(P.S. - She still has some dates available for 2018!)

It's a pretty awesome feeling seeing your protege step out, learn and grow and take on stories of her own. A little over a year and a half ago, Kendra, our new lead shooter had never even touched a camera.

After shooting nearly 50 weddings with us in a little over a year as a 2nd shooter, she now has 8 stories booked as a lead shooter for 2018 and counting. She has allowed us to grow our business exponentially and tell even more stories than we had even dreamed we could!

Here's some of her awesome work from engagement sessions this fall! Congratulations to Conner & Carson as well as Abby & Andy and John & Monica for believing in her and allowing her to tell your story for you!

Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Indianapolis Arts Garden Wedding

The Wedding Of Amber & Cameron

The 3rd stop on our weekend of weddings takes us to The Indianapolis Arts Garden and the Conrad Hotel.  This is the first time that we were able to shoot at this facility and all I can say is wow.  This place is PERFECT for a wedding, and let's just take a second and LOVE that natural light!  It may have rained all day, but it didn't bother us!

Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Canal 337 Wedding

The Wedding of Tera & Jeremy

That one random day in November where it feels like October should have.  Yeah, welcome to Indiana.  6 days ago, we were in Nashville, IN at Story Inn and it was a high of 39, overcast and flurries were flying.  Then, we have a wonderful 60 degree day for Tera & Jeremy's day at Canal 337.  We loved our day at Canal 337.  Their day was simple, a small intimate ceremony with just 1 person standing with them at their altar, plenty of time for photos of the two of them (we may selfishly LOVE that) finished up with a wonderful evening of dinner and drinks!

Indianapolis Senior Portraits Photography | Indiana Senior Portraits Photographer


Starting off senior portraits season with Madeline's session in downtown Indianapolis.  This is one of my favorite places to take seniors because there are just so many cool structures and textures to explore.  Always think about what your session has to offer in terms of locations.  We love exploring new places!  Where will you take us?

Indiana Wedding Photographer | Brown County Indiana Wedding

The wedding of Melanie & Brad

Right, let's get this out of the way right now.  You will plan, and plan and plan your wedding day, and the Universe will laugh at you on your wedding day.  Something will go wrong, it always does.  BUT, an amazing team, a positive attitude and a supportive cast can overcome even the most challenging of days... 10.29.17.

Indiana decided to skip fall and go right to winter apparently, and caught in the crossfire was Melanie & Brad's quaint outdoor ceremony at the amazing Story Inn Bed & Breakfast.  It was cold, like 39 and some snow flurries while setting up cold. But , hand warmers, blankets, propane heaters got us through. 

Regardless of what your day brings,  keep a positive attitude, trust your vendors and remember, the only thing that matters is you get to marry your best friend today.  Everything else, is just details to navigate!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Indiana Wedding Photography

The wedding of Sammy & Kevin

...7 years in the making...

Like many of our clients, we first met Sammy at a wedding show, after a long conversation that day, we had a meeting set to "convince" Kevin that we were her choice.  We nailed the interview and got the job!

These 2 are pretty special for us.  From their "spring" engagement session in early February, (seriously, it was like 70 degrees that day)


 Pay no mind to it being 70 degrees in February!

Pay no mind to it being 70 degrees in February!

To her following my Facebook feed and realizing just how much of a nerd I am and planning accordingly for engagement session round 2 this summer and my Lego cup!

 I may have a Lego problem and my wife is fully aware of that, that's true love folks.

I may have a Lego problem and my wife is fully aware of that, that's true love folks.

...and now finally to wedding day where we brought our a game for her. A ceremony that was supposed to be outdoors on a beautiful golf course, Indiana laughed at that, so we stayed inside all day.  My good friend (and go to videographer Matt Carlson) and our team helped set up the room with chairs and generally tried our hardest to assist in any way that we possibly could. 

Sammy & Kevin were still up for and wanted outdoor shots and that I absolutely loved about them!  The moral of the story here folks, is you can plan all you want, but in the end, Wedding days go off on how you react to them.  Stay positive, trust your vendors, and let us be awesome for you!

...and maybe freeze for you too...


...but enough about us, let's see what Sammy & Kevin's day looked like.  Thank you both for letting us tell your story for you and we hope to see you again soon!

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Indiana Wedding Photography | The Wedding of Taylor & Jason

Right, so it's been a crazy month so please forgive us for not posting in 30+ days...

So, back at it again and what seems to be our second home (and we're totally OK with this) at the Barn at Kennedy Farm.  This time, working for the 2nd time in 2 months for the Robinson family, this time, for their daughter Taylor and new husband, Jason. Oh, and let us not forget about Hayden & Sofia!

It's hard to beat the barn at any time of the year, but the barn in the fall just makes us happy and provides a STUNNING backdrop for fall weddings!

This was our 8th and final trip to The Barn at Kennedy Farm this year.  We'll be back in May of 2018 and right now, it seems light years away...

...until then, enjoy some of our last images of the 2017 season!

Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Rogue Images Photography - Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

3 Weddings In 1 Weekend = 1 Exhausted Photographer (But we're totally cool with that!)

Right, so let me start off by saying you all are amazing for keeping us SO busy.  So much so that in an effort to work for more of you, we do 2 things; work 40+ hours in a weekend, and explore ways for us to tell more of your stories, and that involves a new development for Rogue Images Photography: a full time 2nd LEAD shooter is available.  We now get to cover twice as many weddings for you awesome people!  Kendra is taking on her own weddings under the Rogue Images Photography brand and already has 3 booked for next year after just a week of being up and running!

Amazing things are ahead for everyone involved with Rogue Images Photography and we're so incredibly honored to have you all on this journey with us!

Which brings me to the next 2 weekends, 10/1 and 10/8 we will be at wedding shows in Indianapolis, the details for which can be found on our Facebook page.  We get to give you FREE admission as a vendor, so please go check them out and send your friends our way to come meet us! (even if they are in the "shopping" or "not yet engaged but it's coming soon" stage!)

Ok, back to this weekend...

Our first wedding of the weekend was on Friday at (and this is no joke) our favorite venue in Indy; The Barn at Kennedy Farm. (ok, technically it's in Lizton, IN).  We have 49 stories to tell this year and 8 of them are here, and we're totally cool with that.  Taylor & Ken's "fall" wedding was held on Friday, the first full day of fall, only no one told Indiana, because it was 93 and sunny all day.  Guess that's just how it goes huh?  Such a fun (and very hot) day exploring new parts of the grounds! 

Saturday brought us to Mustard Seed Gardens in Noblesville, IN.  This day I was able to shoot with my wife, Cory.  We've both gained such new perspective on weddings and wedding day, having just been through it ourselves a few months ago, and this was a very special day for us.  Lindsey & Matt, you two were so cute together!  Your day was filled with a bunch of tiny little moments that I will remember forever, from Matt telling me he has nerves on high alert while placing him for his first look, to Lindsay catching a glimpse of herself in her dress for the first time and starting to instantly cry, to footloose "interrupting" Lindsay & Dad's first dance, your day was AMAZING.  We hope you cherish these memories forever!

Sunday brought us to Avon Wedding Barn in Avon, IN.  This was our first time at this location, and again, despite the abnormal heat, the day was AMAZING for Megan & Andrew!  Your ceremony under the tree with your family around the instrumentals playing was just perfect and your cow bell send off is one of my favorites yet!  You two have a great relationship and it will be fun to see if grow!

Indiana Wedding Photography | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Lauren & Kyle | 8.26.17

Not all "wedding" days have a "wedding" included in them for us.  Lauren & Kyle got the itch last summer and had a ceremony in Florida...BUT...The caterer, photographer, dress and countless other things were already paid for, and so, here we are, at the personal property, where Lauren runs her Salon, Salon 24, where Kyle "plays" with his backhoe.  Where we did bridal portraits and the first look inside of their home under construction, where we walked across the street to an orchard for some 1 on 1 photos, and where we had 2 hours of time to take photos of just Lauren, because someone (ahem, Kyle) was told he could be 2 hours late.

We often speak of "becoming friends" with our clients, as opposed to just being a vendor.  Lauren & Kyle are a perfect example of this.  Lauren did all the hair for our wedding in July, she cuts my hair every 2 weeks and we've seen each other's businesses grow and flourish.

This is why we do what we do.  For amazing people like them!

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Indiana Rustic Weddings | Indianapolis Wedding Photography |The Wedding Of Olivia & Ryan

Olivia & Ryan | 8.31.17

The start of all things good.  Not only was this Olivia & Ryan's special day, but it was the start of our most favorite time of the year: fall wedding season! 10 weddings in 30 days, 7 in 40 days at The Barn at Kennedy Farm alone and a full 24 weddings from 8.31 to 11.11. This is going to be so much fun!

Oh, and after 5 trips to The Barn at Kennedy Farm, we FINALLY got a chance at an outdoor ceremony! We'll be back this Sunday, so keep checking for more blog updates!

Indiana Wedding Photography | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

9.2.17 - The Wedding of Ali & Stephen

Right.  So, where do we start.  This day was incredible.  Ali & Steven had plenty amazing opportunities for amazing images through the day and boy, did they take full advantage of them!

For today, we brought our good friend Brett as a 3rd person to help out as a wedding coordinator/extra set of hands and we liked this so much that we'll need to look into this option for 2018 weddings, so stay tuned for that!

Our day was at French Lick Resort and the Pete Dye Golf Course, the 2nd highest point in Indiana and provided an INCREDIBLE backdrop for their day. This was our first time there, and even though it's a long trip from Indy, we hope to have the chance to go back again soon!

Enjoy this preview from their day!

Indianapolis Senior Portraits Photography | Indianapolis Senior Portrait Photographer

Maddi Smith

I think my favorite part about shooting for seniors is that, more often than not, 1 senior sends another senior our way and before we know it, we've shot for most friends in a group.

That's exactly the case with Maddi.  We shot for her friend Miranda this past spring, and now had the chance to shoot for her a few weeks ago.  We did something a little different in doing 1/2 of our shoot downtown Indianapolis and the other half at our favorite park.  Needless to say, we loved this result and it was such a great night!


Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | The Wedding of Lindsey & Matt

Lindsey & Matt | 8.25.17 | Second Presbyterian Church & River Glen Country Club

I broke a rule.  I have a rule, no weddings shot without shooting an engagement session first. This allows us to get to know each other and get a sense of what our clients are looking for on wedding day.  With Lindsey & Matt, I broke this rule...

...and in a way, I'm kind of glad we did. Sometimes surprises are the best. 

Because look at this day.  A complete and total surprise for us and what a day it was!  Lindsey & Matt found us by searching online, and after a few emails and a phone call or two, we were booked to tell their story.

We planned the day out to the last minute, (although someone was an hour late, ahem, Lindsey - but you know, timezones... :) ) got a shot list from them and started our day, and then we walked into THAT CHURCH. Um, more in this place please! (and the golf course wasn't bad either).

Thank you, Lindsey & Matt, for an amazing day!  Your kind words of "best wedding photos ever" and "best decision we made" just made our day (and MAYBE our year...). Laughing and having fun with you was the absolute best part of our day.

Here's to you both! Enjoy.

Indianapolis Engagement Photography | Indiana Outdoor Engagement Photographer

Sammy & Kevin

When you know, you know.  

That's what I love about Sammy.  We met her at the Indianapolis Perfect Wedding Guide show in January of 2017.  Within 3 days of the show, we had a meeting set at Sun King for a few drinks, and we were booked to tell their story for them this fall.  She MAY have had to convince Kevin to go along with her plan, but that's the fun part for us, she knew instantly that she wanted us to tell their story.

This was the 2nd session we did with these two awesome people.  The first session was way back in February on a ridiculously nice 70 degree Saturday.  She had wanted to have 2 different looks for their session, one downtown, and then our favorite, a classic Indiana park/county look.  This is what makes working with us awesome, is when you want to do your engagement session with us, we can (if we are clever with the planning) split your session into two 1 Hour sessions and get you two very different looks for your engagement session.

Enjoy round 2 of Sammy & Kevin, and if you like what you see, drop us a line to have us tell your story for you! 

Indiana Senior Portrait Photographer | Indianapolis Senior Portaits

Dean Kruse

We often tell and ask about how we can tell your stories for you.  Meet Dean.  Dean is a senior at Zionsville High School.  He bought his motorcycle in his session with his own money by working at Goodwill, works hard and wanted something "different" for his portraits than what other seniors at Zionsville were doing.

This is what we love.  Dean, and his bike, make his story his.  That's why we encourage each of our seniors to bring something unique to their session with us. We want your photos to be a reflection of you and who YOU are.