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Engagement Packages

We are thrilled to invite you to explore our engagement packages as your premier Indianapolis engagement photographer.

pricing starts at $400.00


A $150 per session travel fee will be applied to sessions located more than 1 hour away from our home address.

Engagement Couple

Ready To Book Your Engagement Session With Us?

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What Should We Wear To Our Engagement Session?

We get this question all the time! Here are some great examples to start heading in the right direction! These are just places to start, make each example your own!

We recommend 2 to 4 outfits for a 2 hour session and no more than 2 for a 1 hour session.

More outfits are always better than not enough and as you’ll see below, bring a wide range of things. Options are the name of the game!

Need some inspiration? Check out our engagement session portfolio!

What To Bring To Your Engagement Session

Preparing for your engagement session can be daunting. Don’t know what you should and should not bring to your session?

Make it personal! What is important to your relationship? What do you two like to do together?

  • Have a truck/car/motorcycle that you’d like to include?

  • Depending on the season blankets are nice to keep you warm and lay on the ground.

  • Have a theme you want to play up? Picnic? Tandem Bike? Shared Activity/Interest? Feel free to bring props that help you showcase your own personalities! This is the time during the session to showcase who YOU are!

  • Champagne & Flutes | Beers | Sparkling Seltzers & more!

  • Harry Potter/Marvel/Star Wars themes etc.

  • Have more thoughts? Send us a message and we can chat!

Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

Formal Wear

Whether your session is in a city, or in a park, formal wear is a perfect option for your session. We recommend for ladies bold colored, long flowing dresses and heels. Go as daring as conservative as you wish, but this is a chance to allow your personality to shine. For him, slacks, shoes, a tie and a jacket are a must. For the shirt, a solid neutral color works well. We can take the jacket off him like the example here, or keep it on for a more “formal” look.

The idea of your attire is to ACCENT your shoot, not for it to take over your shoot. Formal wear can be worn all year long, even in winter. Take advantage of this look, you’ll thank us later!

Say Yes To:

For Her - Long, flowing dresses. Heels. Matching & Coordinating Jewelry. Bold Colors (Stand out - Red, Burgandy, Navy etc)

For Him - Tie. Matching Shoes. Bold Neutral Shirt. Jacket. Belt. Navy and Black Suits work best as a starter.

Say No To:

For Her - Busy patterns on your dress. Dresses too short. (can’t sit down) Mismatched palette to your man.

For Him - Bold, busy shirts. Bright colored and busy ties. Tan or off-colored suits.

Fishers Engagement Photographer

Casual Wear

As with formal wear, casual looks good regardless of the location of your shoot. The idea here is to capture a slight nicer look than what your daily “go to” is. This isn’t necessarily your “date night” look, but more along the lines of an impromptu night on the town, or perhaps even a Sunday family dinner. Be you though. If you wouldn’t wear this every day, then don’t wear it to your engagement session.

It’s very important to match your tone to each other. If one of you is too formal, it will stick out. Match jeans to jeans, khakis to skirts etc. The “tone” of each other should match.

For these outfits, we try and have you sitting down for an image or two, we can’t do some of these poses if you are wearing a short skirt and so forth, so just be mindful of that.

Say Yes To:

For Her - Jeans. Shorts. Bold, Neutral Tops. Sweaters, flannels, tank top etc are all appropriate based on the season. Cute shoes or boots. Fun, colorful jewelry to add that “pop” of color or drama.

For Him - Jeans. Khakis. Solid color tops (Mustard/Navy/Burgundy/Brown) Puffer vest, 1/4 zip jacket. Nice(er) shoes than your favorite pair of tennis shoes.

Say No To:

For Her - Busy patterned tops. Too low cut top (make sure grandma approves) Colors that don’t match his choices. Anything NEON.

For Him - Black shirts. Tank Tops. Cargo Shorts/Pants

Westfield Engagement Photographer

Fun Wear

The idea here is to express a common interest. Could be where you each went to school (that whole IU vs Purdue thing) favorite NFL or other sports teams and so forth. This could also include custom made wedding shirts or couple themed shirts!

Say Yes To:

For Her - Be sure you have a “ladies” cut of your top.

For Him - Be sure it looks clean and new. No need to wear your “lucky” jersey here. Get a nice new one.

Say No To:

For Her - Cheap looking shirts. If you’re going to do this for your shoot, go authentic.

For Him - Cheap looking shirts. If you’re going to do this for your shoot, go authentic.

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