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Maternity Packages

We are thrilled to invite you to explore our family packages as your local photographer.

pricing starts at $150


Indianapolis Maternity Photography

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What To Wear

What Should I Wear?

We get this question all the time! Here are some great examples to start heading in the right direction! These are just places to start, make each example your own!

Our Quick Tips:

  • Long flowing dresses work best. You’ll want it to not be skin tight so you can move and breathe a bit. Exposed belly dresses are perfect if you are daring enough, but a long train is almost a must.

  • Bold solid colors look best on camera. Put your partner in something complimentary palette wise. Avoid really busy patterns as they can become distracting.

  • If you have a family of littles already, hit up old navy for tips on how to dress your family for photos. Their stuff is usually cheap and matches each other very well.

  • Need help on where to buy your maternity dress? Click here!

What to Wear Maternity

Classic Options

You can’t go wrong with a solid color pattern along with a soft long flowing dress. This is a very classic look that has many versatile uses.

Say Yes To:

A solid color dress or a even a small pattern. Long flowing dresses.

Say No To:

Short dresses. Bold patterns and loud colors. Material that is too tight. Black.

Noblesville Maternity Photographer

Maternity With Family Options

Much like a typical family session, you’ll want to match your color palettes along with basic patterns. Look like you’re going to Eater Sunday as an example.

Say Yes To:

Bright, same pallet colors. Mix in small, muted patterns. Chunky jewelry to accent.

Say No To:

Black, brown or other subdued colors. Busy patterns.

Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

A little more daring options

If you got it, flaunt it right? Well, you have the bump, show that little thing off! Amazon has some AMAZING dress options for pretty cheap. Pick a long flowing dress that we can play with. You can go as daring or conservative as you wish.

Say Yes To:

Bold, solid colors. Long flowing dresses are key here.

Say No To:

Patterned dresses. Dresses with no train.

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