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Newborn Packages

We are thrilled to invite you to explore our newborn packages as your local photographer.

pricing starts at $450


A $150 per session travel fee will be applied to sessions located more than 1 hour away from our home address.

Newborn Photography Indianapolis

Ready To Book Your Newborn Session With Us?

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What to Wear

What Should We Wear & Have Ready For Our Newborn Session?

We get this question all the time! Here are some great examples to start heading in the right direction! These are just places to start, make each example your own!

What Should We Have Ready For Our Newborn Session?

  • Gifts from moms/grandmas etc, family heirlooms

  • 2-4 outfits (you never know when accidents will happen)

  • Clean areas : main living room, nursery, master bedroom

  • Themed props: Star Wars/Harry Potter/Disney etc

  • Extra bows

  • Favorite childhood books

  • Any props you want to use (small chair, favorite stuffed animal or toy etc)

Say Yes To:

Pick a color palette to work with. Blue, khaki, green etc are all great places to start. Mix in a few patterned dresses or shirts if you like, but keep the design/pattern small. Too bold and it takes over. Mix up the bottoms of your family to create a uniform look without copying each other.

Say No To:

White and “matching” looks. No need for everyone to be wearing the same color (or exact same for that matter) top. Same thing with bottoms, don’t have everyone wear the same thing. It just looks staged and unnatural.

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