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A Magical Wedding at Mavris Arts & Events Center: Taylor & Eric's Unforgettable Day

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Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding



On a magical summer day, under the spellbinding date of June 15th, 2024, Taylor and Eric embarked on a wondrous journey to celebrate their eternal love in a wedding that transcended the realms of imagination. The ethereal setting of the historic Mavris Arts & Events Center in the mystical heart of downtown Indianapolis served as the enchanted backdrop for their extraordinary union.

Imbued with the enchanting essence of "Lord of the Rings," "Harry Potter," and "The Princess Bride," their wedding unfolded like a magical tapestry woven with threads of fantasy and adventure. Each corner of the celebration resonated with the echoes of their shared dreams, passions, and a sprinkle of gaming and board games, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that defied the constraints of reality.

Every aspect of the ceremony and festivities shimmered with a radiant glow, reflecting the unique bond and unbreakable connection between Taylor and Eric. It was a grand spectacle where love intertwined with magic, and every detail whispered the tale of a love that was destined to conquer all realms.

The Venue: Mavris Arts & Events Center

The Mavris Arts & Events Center, a beautifully renovated industrial building from 1883, provided the perfect backdrop for Taylor and Eric's wedding. Originally a terminal for grocery goods and later a plumbing warehouse, the building underwent extensive renovations from 1999 to 2011. Today, it retains its original exposed brick, hardwood floors, and beams, blending historical charm with modern elegance.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

Photographic Highlights

We were thrilled to capture the magic of Taylor and Eric's special day. Some of the standout moments included:

  • First Look: A private first look on the roof, where the couple shared an intimate moment against the stunning city skyline.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

  • Group Photos: We found the perfect spot to hide from the sun under a nearby bridge, creating a cool, shaded area for group shots.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

  • Sunset Photos: The couple watched the sunset over the city, a moment of tranquility amidst the excitement of the day.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

  • Personal Details: Every table at the reception was themed, featuring handmade bottles with labels like unicorn blood, siren tears, and liquid luck. The craftsmanship and attention to detail were extraordinary, making each table a work of art.

Taylor and Eric's wedding was filled with personal touches that reflected their personalities and relationship. Together, they crafted over 400 paper flowers from book pages and washi paper, which were mixed with real flowers for a unique and meaningful floral arrangement. Taylor also drew sketches of their dogs, ensuring their furry friends were present in spirit on their big day.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

The Dream Team

A successful wedding is the result of a talented team of vendors, and Taylor and Eric's wedding was no exception:

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

Cody was such a pleasure to work with. His enthusiasm and confidence made us feel so good about every step. He really understood our vision for the day. Our guest even complimented him on how great he was at directing everything and capturing every moment. Photos were the thing I was most nervous about as the bride, but Cody’s skills as a photographer are incredible. - Taylor & Eric

Our Experience

As photographers, we felt like we had stepped into a nerdy paradise. From elements of "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" to "Star Wars," every aspect of the day was a delightful nod to the couple's favorite fandoms.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding

A highlight moment for us was capturing the bride's mother putting the veil on Taylor. This shot was particularly significant as it was a moment missed at her sister's wedding a few years ago by her photographer, and Taylor had specifically requested it. The emotion and significance of that moment were palpable, making it one of our favorite images of the day.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding


Taylor and Eric's wedding at Mavris Arts & Events Center was a celebration of love, creativity, and shared passions. It was an honor to capture their special day and witness the magic that unfolded. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and adventures, both in the realms of fantasy and reality.

Mavris Arts & Events Center Wedding



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