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Fishers Indiana Wedding Photographer | A Timeless Summer Wedding at The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club

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Danielle & Tyler's Unforgettable Wedding Day



Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

"Working with Cody was a breath of fresh air. He ensured everything went smoothly and was there to speak up for me. He also had brilliant ideas for pictures I would have never thought about! "

- Danielle & Tyler

As a Fishers, Indiana wedding photographer, we have the privilege of documenting some of the most beautiful weddings in the area. On June 22nd, 2024, we had the honor of capturing the timeless love story of Danielle and Tyler at The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club. This venue, known for its award-winning golf course and stunning outdoor and indoor ceremony options, provided the perfect backdrop for their elegant country club wedding.

The Perfect Venue: The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

Located in Fishers, IN, The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club is a premier venue offering both outdoor and indoor ceremony spaces. The golf course, with its meticulously maintained greens and picturesque views, was a stunning setting for Danielle and Tyler's big day. Although they opted for an indoor ceremony to avoid the summer heat, the venue’s versatile ballroom and attached balconies ensured their guests enjoyed breathtaking views throughout the evening. The convenient location near local churches also makes it an ideal choice for couples considering an off-site ceremony with a cocktail hour on the club’s scenic patio.

Highlights of the Day

The day was filled with memorable moments, but a few highlights stood out:

  • First Look: The groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time as she walked down the aisle was priceless. The look of pure love and joy on Tyler’s face was a moment we were thrilled to capture.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

  • Private Vows: Danielle and Tyler took a few moments alone to share their private vows with each other. This intimate moment added a personal touch to their ceremony, making it even more special.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

  • Flower Petal Send-Off: After the ceremony, the couple was showered with flower petals by their guests. This joyful send-off was a beautiful way to transition from the ceremony to the celebration.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

As summer wedding season is in full swing, it’s important to consider a few key factors when planning your own big day, especially if you’re worried about the heat:

  • Consider Your Comfort with Heat: Remember, you’ll be dressed up, and the extra layers can make you feel even hotter. If you’re sensitive to heat, you might want to consider a wedding in cooler months.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

  • Timing is Everything: Schedule your outdoor portraits around sunset when the temperatures start to cool down. This not only provides more comfortable conditions but also results in beautiful, soft lighting for your photos.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

  • Indoor Space Considerations: Indoor ceremony spaces might feel spacious and cool during a tour but can quickly become crowded and warm with 200+ guests. Ensure your venue has adequate cooling systems to keep everyone comfortable.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

  • Stay Hydrated: A great wedding party member is not just someone who brings you your favorite cocktail but also ensures everyone has plenty of water. It’s a team effort to stay cool and hydrated on your wedding day!

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography

Photographer’s Perspective

Capturing Danielle and Tyler’s wedding at The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club was an absolute delight. Despite the summer heat, the couple’s decision to have an indoor ceremony kept everyone comfortable and allowed us to focus on capturing the beauty and emotion of the day. The venue’s stunning features and the couple’s timeless style made for a perfect combination, resulting in photos that they will cherish forever.

Fishers Indiana Wedding Photography


Tell us a little about your story and your day!

Tyler and I (Danielle) met in June of 2019 on our first day of training at a restaurant that was opening up near our university. We started dating almost two years later in April 2021. We both graduated May 2022 and moved to Florida with our puppy Oliver. A few months later we decided Oliver needed a friend and we adopted Ramsey. We got engaged in Key West, FL and married 9 months later in Fishers, IN on 06/22/2024. The day was so extremely special. Every detail was done perfectly and every vendor went above and beyond. Every little moment was so special to me and even when something didn’t go exactly as planned the vendors kept it to themselves and did not put the stress on me, I didn’t find out any hiccups until afterwards which allowed me to stay calm all day. We started our the day getting ready and taking pictures, enjoying a hot but beautiful ceremony and ended the day with an amazing reception!

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

Have fun and keep reminding yourself not to ruin your makeup! Enjoy every moment possible, enjoy the big moments and even the smallest moments of walking up to the bar with your husband to enjoy a drink. Have so much fun, don’t put stress on yourself during certain moments because if you do you’ll look back and think about why you stressed so much. Every time I would feel myself start to tear up or shake I would either make a little joke to myself or take a huge breath and breathe and tell myself to let loose and have fun!

What was your favorite moment from your day?

Being at dinner and looking around the room to see every person that was there for Tyler and I.


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Photography - Cody & Kendra with Rogue Image Photo


As we continue to capture weddings in Fishers, Indiana, we look forward to more beautiful celebrations at The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club and other stunning venues. If you’re planning your wedding and searching for a Fishers Indiana wedding photographer, we’d love to help you capture your special day in a way that reflects your unique love story.

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