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Muncie Indiana Wedding Photographer | Abby & Max's Romantic Rustic Wedding at The Lodge at River Valley Farm

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Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

Cody is so talented in what he does! He made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole picture taking process. Everything felt easy and fun with him! We are absolutely in love with all of the photos we’ve seen so far! - Abby & Max


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of capturing Abby & Max's wedding on June 29th, 2024, at The Lodge at River Valley Farm. Nestled in rural Anderson, Indiana, this venue offers a serene escape with its expansive grounds and vintage charm, making it the perfect setting for a romantic and timeless country wedding. As a Muncie Indiana Wedding Photographer and Anderson Indiana area wedding photographer, I am always excited to shoot at such unique venues.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

A Venue Steeped in History and Charm

The Lodge at River Valley Farm, located in quaint Yorktown, Indiana, boasts a rich history. Once a working farm in the 1940s for descendants of the Ball family (famous for Ball jars), it has been meticulously restored into a private sanctuary ideal for weddings. Surrounded by fifty acres of farm fields and woods, it offers a picturesque backdrop while being just a few miles from bustling Muncie. This blend of seclusion and accessibility makes it a standout Indiana rustic wedding venue for photography.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

A Cinderella-Inspired Wedding

Abby wore a stunning “Cinderella inspired” gown with a sweetheart neckline and delicate off-the-shoulder sleeves, exuding romantic elegance. Max complemented her perfectly in a light grey suit, ideal for a summer wedding. The couple's choice of attire set the tone for a day filled with vintage and timeless country charm.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

Photographic Highlights: Capturing the Magic

One of the day's highlights was the use of a 1964 Cadillac, generously loaned by a friend of the groom’s father. This classic car added a touch of romance and nostalgia to the photos, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the wedding. The vintage vehicle was a delightful prop, despite the inherent risks and challenges of using such an old car. The results were undeniably stunning, providing a unique and elegant flair to the couple's wedding album.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

Personal Touches: Making the Day Uniquely Theirs

Abby and Max infused their personalities into the wedding through small but meaningful details. Their tables were adorned with their favorite candies, offering guests a sweet treat and a glimpse into their tastes. These personal touches added warmth and intimacy to the celebration, making it truly their own.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

Overcoming Summer Wedding Challenges

Summer weddings come with their own set of challenges, from the heat and humidity to the ever-present threat of rain. Abby and Max demonstrated remarkable adaptability when they had to move their ceremony indoors due to weather concerns. While not ideal, they embraced the change with grace and positivity, exemplifying the resilience needed for a summer wedding. Their ability to adapt and maintain a positive attitude made their day even more special.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography

My Perspective: The Beauty of Adaptability and Vintage Elegance

As a local wedding photographer, I am constantly reminded of the importance of flexibility, especially during summer weddings. The weather is beyond our control, but our attitude and adaptability can make all the difference. Abby and Max's wedding was a testament to this, as they navigated unexpected changes with poise and joy.

Bringing a classic car into the mix, despite potential hassles, was a brilliant decision. The 1964 Cadillac not only looked amazing but also added a layer of vintage elegance and romance that perfectly complemented the couple's vision for their special day. If you're considering incorporating a classic car into your wedding, my advice is to go for it – the results are well worth the effort.

Muncie Indiana Wedding Photography


Tell us a little about your story and your day!

Max and I met in 2018 at Ball State University. He was a Teaching Assistant for my sophomore year math class. I was in a sorority and he was in a fraternity and we said hi at a party my sorority was hosting one night. Then, we saw each other at a Halloween party that his fraternity was hosting, and from that night on we started talking. He asked me to be his girlfriend on January 1, 2019. He proposed to me on December 27, 2022. Our wedding day on June 29, 2024 was so magical and beautiful - the rain was good luck and the sun came shining out afterwards!

What advice would you give to other couples planning their wedding?

On your wedding day, take time for yourself as well as with your partner to enjoy the day - because it will go by fast. If rain comes in, do not worry - everything will turn out perfectly! It’s good luck! Have fun and enjoy the entire day with friends and family!

What was your favorite moment from your day?

My favorite moment was when we moved our ceremony inside. I walked down the aisle with my dad to the song “A Thousand Years”. I heard thunder outside and it made the ceremony magical and it felt like we were in the movie. Our vows were so beautiful and it was amazing being able to share this special moment with Max. The sun came out afterwards and it was a very beautiful moment.



Abby & Max's wedding at The Lodge at River Valley Farm was a beautiful blend of romantic elegance, personal touches, and vintage charm. Despite the challenges posed by summer weather, the couple's adaptability and positive attitude made their day unforgettable. As a Muncie Indiana Wedding Photographer and Anderson Indiana Wedding Photographer, I was honored to capture these precious moments and witness the love and joy that defined their special day.

If you're looking for an Indiana rustic wedding venue for photography, The Lodge at River Valley Farm offers a perfect combination of history, charm, and picturesque beauty. Congratulations to Abby & Max on their beautiful wedding day!


Featured Wedding Professionals

Photographer: Rogue Image Photo

Hair & makeup: Salon Seven

Jewelers: Jared (bride) & Thorum (groom)

DJ: DJ Troy Miller with DJ Sound Solution

Caterer: MCL Catering