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Taylor & Ken | The Barn at Kennedy Farm

Right, so ever have one of those days that just comes together perfectly? Perfect couple, for the perfect venue, on a perfect day?  Well, let me tell you, it's an amazing feeling going through the day with all of our couples knowing you're getting great shots, then to see them after they choose them and almost shot for shot, their favorites are your favorites.  Yeah, this was a good day...

... as are all of our days.  But this one was a little extra special.  When you get to be at quite possibly your favorite venue (and 2nd home in 2017 with TEN weddings there) we had the blessing and the challenge of coming up with unique looks and shots for our couples.  The sunset and evening shots are some of my favorite of all time, then there are the bridal room shots, Ken reading his letter from Taylor and on and on.

This day ruled.  Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting us tell your story for you!

Enjoy your (slightly larger than average) sneak peek!